The Secrets to Getting Your Content Accepted by Top Websites

I’ve worked with dozens of online editors since 1999, many of whom are working with the largest website destinations on the Internet.  While each editor has their own specifications as to what they are looking for, there are certain constants that need to be present to virtually guarantee that your … Continue reading

Make it Count: The Number One Rule in PR Today

We’ve heard the stories over and over again sadly….authors, experts and companies who set up a PR campaign and have high hopes that the right placements will create impact, sales, increased media interest, etc. only to be seriously disappointed when the visibility did not translate to actual revenue. In today’s … Continue reading

Making Your Online Promotional Dollars Count

There was a time where effective publicity meant getting as much exposure as possible could in as many prominent media venues as possible. That has all changed now. The name of the game now is roots and credibility. It makes far more sense economically in today’s current climate to gain … Continue reading