Does Your Website Do Its Job?

There are many components to a successful Internet campaign. Let’s focus on the critical element of the author’s or expert’s website. Having a credible and effective website is mandatory in today’s world. It is how you present yourself and your work to the world. It saves time sending press kits and it allows editors, producers and freelancers to find you. It makes you available and accessible to the public with a touch of a button. However, there is a common mistake authors and experts typically make when designing their website. Their natural inclination is to fill their home page with information on their products and books. Unfortunately, this is the worst mistake you can make.

Websites and other media personnel are very reluctant to work with authors who appear overly commercial. Their emphasis is on providing resources and information to their readers, and thus tend to avoid websites that do not appear to offer this kind of expertise. Due to the fact that placements are a direct representation of the site who publishes the content, the sites prefer to present your books and products through visible navigation links on your site and perhaps small references on your home page. It is crucial then to set up your website as a resource center. Fill your home page with articles, tips, quizzes, and sections devoted to various aspects of your work.

Ask yourself two questions:

1. Will people know in the first five seconds of coming to my site what my work is really about?

2. How am I creating a unique identity from my colleagues and competitors in my genre?

You know why you are unique, but you need to clearly showcase that to your site visitors. THAT is the function of a website. Testimonials, products, press information and bios should be accessible through clear and easy to find navigational buttons on the home page. The secret is to keep your site clean but provide the crucial information that the media and the public need to respond to your work. You have to know what your goals are and then make those goals visible. Do you want sponsors? Corporate Spokesperson opportunities? Product and book sales or traditional media placements? Make it clear and back it up with credibility and content. The two magic “c”s will make the impact you hope for when you invested the time and resources to build your website.

Once your website is in place here are some tips to help launch your site and gain the exposure you need.

  • Be open to any site that appears to match your content and is a credible site. A website with 50,000 monthly visitors can be just as effective as a site with 5 million monthly visitors. The smaller sites can be much more targeted, will promote your work generously and place your content much quicker than a large site. The most effective campaign combines both kinds of websites. As long as the site tags your content properly and archives the articles it is worth making the connection.
  • Offer a package of content to your targeted websites- an article, a quiz, and a tip piece. You will appear to have more marketable content and you will be making the editor’s job easier by helping them see a bigger picture of what you can offer.
  • Create a list of segment and article topics that you can use when you query a website. It is more effective to show them a bigger picture of what you can offer rather than one article for review.

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Anne Leedom is the founder of Net Connect Publicity. Anne works with authors in the parenting, health and spirituality fields to develop their Expert Internet Publicity campaigns. Anne has created campaigns for such authors and experts as Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Dr. Michele Borba, Joan Borysenko, Armin Brott and Academy Award Nominee Diane Ladd. Working as a passionate advocate on behalf of her clients, Anne creates powerful results that have become a trademark of Net Connect Publicity. Anne is also the Founder and Publisher of For more information visit

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