frequently asked questions

How is Net Connect different from other agencies?
Net Connect is the only agency in the U.S. that provides expert content to today’s leading websites to promote specific products and services. Due to the nature of our partnerships with these sites, we guarantee placements, promotion and links.


Why do I need an Internet publicist if I am already working with a publicist?
Traditional publicists usually do not include strategic, SEO focused Internet Publicity in their campaigns in the way we do that effectively provides conversion to your revenue models. Online PR requires a unique approach and specific deliverables that we are highly experienced in providing. It’s not enough to just be mentioned in an online article or posted on a blog. You need expert positioning that only Net Connect provides.


Do you secure placements for radio/TV and print?
Yes we can approach traditional media for you as well as online media.


Is there a limit to the consulting and editorial support you provide?
The consulting and editorial support we provide is unlimited.


Do you guarantee your placements?
Yes, our placements are guaranteed.


How long have you been in business?
We’ve been in business since 1999 and have worked with more than 300 experts, authors and companies.


How many websites do you have in your network and how big are they?
We work with approximately 40 globally prominent websites in the main genre’s of the Internet. Our sites all reach 50,000 to 50 million+ monthly unique visitors globally.


What do the placements include?
In addition to your article, bio, and graphics, all postings include strategic links.


Do you have clients I can speak to about your work?
Our clients are all very busy, often notable experts and have asked that we respect their privacy. We don’t provide personal information or ask clients to sell our services. We do provide testimonials for this purpose. Once you are a client, we provide networking options with current and past clients when appropriate.

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