the official provider of experts and content to today’s leading websites

Net Connect is the most relied upon resource for today’s experts.

We have the partnerships in place with prominent and strategic websites to provide proven results, not just placements.

When choosing an online publicist, keep this in mind:

Our Goals
Brand Management
Identity Creation and Preservation
Strategic Marketing Objectives
Product Movement

Our Results
Expert Placements
Online Columnists
Online Feature Events
Develop Corporate Spokespersons / Coaches / Speakers
Increased Newsletter and Website Traffic
Traditional Media Crossover Management
New Product Creation and Development
Realtime Reporting and Accountability

How We Meet Our Goals…and Beyond
Since May of 1999, we have formed strategic partnerships with online editors at most of the most prominent and strategic websites online. That is what makes our services truly unique and effective.

Editors come to us first for experts, columnists and other content features. These prioritized relationships allow us to provide clients with prominent, ongoing exposure. We assist in the creation of content needs for these highly desirable websites, giving us the leading edge when it comes to passing on opportunities to our clients.

Simply placing an excerpt or book review will not be effective. Promotional pages on websites are changed weekly. In order to reach the hundreds of thousands or in some cases, millions of people on these sites you need home page visibility and constant promotion in ongoing newsletters. That is a hallmark service of Net Connect.

We work with only the most credible and prominent websites online. We do not conduct a saturation campaign, reaching out blindly to every site who might respond to a mass distributed email or press release. Our successes are the result of one-on-one consultation on behalf of our clients to provide prominent and meaningful placements. Being placed on the wrong site can undo all the good that great exposure could have created. We have the expertise to make sure that doesn’t happen to you

Working with Net Connect means having the security of an experienced and highly knowledgeable marketing team to help you continually evolve your projects. We find new and creative ways to build your site traffic and to create a bridge between you and the public. That creates demand…and this is how you ultimately create sales.

Editorial support, online expert publicity, marketing support, web site consultation and design, and so much more …..satisfied clients mean reaching beyond our objectives, not just meeting our objectives.

Call us today or email us for your free consultation and a proposal!

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