Linking 101…How To Create Links With Impact

Most experts know that the fastest and most affordable way to create traffic to their website is through organic SEO. This strategy provides the links that Google recognizes and boosts your ranking virtually overnight.

There are a few insider secrets you need to know to make the most out of this “Expert PR” strategy.

First, your content must be positioned prominently on highly credible and relevant websites. Placing arbitrary content on unrelated websites will do little to help your SEO. Using a few highly effective strategies national experts know, you can create an online presence that will have impact on your revenue models and create interest in you as a speaker and media expert.

Second, you must secure a link from a site that is not a “no follow” link, which Google will not see.

Third, add a couple of text links to related content in your own site. This does not include sales pages, but rather meaningful content that will encourage the reader to click through your website.

Ultimately, quality content that is not mass syndicated is king. Creating partnerships with highly prominent and relevant websites will go a long way to securing top SEO rankings for your chosen keywords.

Learn the strategy used my media experts to create a national platform and create revenue through coaching, products and other services.

Anne Leedom is the owner of Net Connect Publicity, an online expert placement agency. For more information visit

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