Making Your Online Promotional Dollars Count

There was a time where effective publicity meant getting as much exposure as possible could in as many prominent media venues as possible. That has all changed now. The name of the game now is roots and credibility. It makes far more sense economically in today’s current climate to gain exposure on fewer online destinations, and establish strong roots with both the website and its audience.

Once you have a strong platform in place of relevant websites who will support and promote your work, you then must maximize those placements by repeatedly offering your content, increasing your exposure and leveraging their traffic to monetize your website. There are five strategies to keep in mind to truly make an impact with a small but highly effective group of websites.

1. Define your niche as clearly as possible. If you are going to pursue a small group of highly credible and relevant websites, you will want to make sure your message is unique, clearly branded and highly motivating.

2. Create materials consistent with your brand and message. You need to streamline all of your content, bio, testimonials and other marketing materials so that they all support the brand and overall message for which you want to become known for.

3. Create a call to action. Branding is effective and essential, but without a clear call to action and specific need that you specifically can provide strategies and answers for, your investment will not be spent wisely. Exposure is essential, but a clearly defined reason to buy, supported by credibility and other relevant motivating factors will make the difference between the curious and the serious audience you want to reach.

4. Expand your demographic. Move beyond your traditional audience. Match your content and selected online destinations to reach your total demographic rather than just your topic. The most successful experts and authors create a universal appeal for their work and do not limit their outreach to just their ‘topic.’

5. Build on the platform your create. It isn’t enough to simply create a few sites who will promote your work. You need to consistently increase your online presence. You do this through increased prominence on the sites you currently work with. Offer content feature series, Q&A’s and other unique and interactive editorial strategies that set you apart from other experts in your genre. You also do this by securing new sites ongoing. There are many new websites moving across the landscape each day and you need to know which ones to approach and what to offer them to gain their long term support.

Online exposure is only effective if it brings traffic to your website, encourages people to purchase your products and services and distinguishes your brand and credibility. Avoid mass syndicating your content as simple and meaningless in-bound links are not effective in today’s competitive marketplace to create the impact you need.

Anne Mattos-Leedom is the owner of Net Connect Publicity and She has been instrumental in the online placement and promotion of authors and experts since 1999. For information on Net Connect’s new ‘6 in 60’ campaign contact her today at

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