Six Secrets to Winning Over an Editor

Six Secrets to Winning Over an Editor on Your First Email

 By Annie Leedom

If you are like most experts you have spent hundreds of hours over the years offering your content to websites, only to find your hard work ignored or rejected. In some cases it may be accepted and then utilized in another author’s content with no reference to you whatsoever. No links, No promotional acknowledgment.

Its one of the most frustrating moments an author or expert ever encounters. Here are six secrets you need to know to stop this from happening to you. Let’s get started.

  1. First glance… Credibility is a powerful tool in life and I want to teach you how to leverage it to boost your content to the top of the expert pyramid. An editor looks for credibility on their initial review of your content. Use your credentials. Make a clear statement instantly about your proven record that says you deserve their attention.
  1. Eye candy… To an editor your website is the key. Make sure your site is professional, colorful, easy to navigate and unique. All the various factors that go into a well designed, clean, effective website need to hit the editor just right and they say “wow”! Create a sense of eye candy with your website that editors can’t resist.
  1. Content imprint… Starting with your first word, make sure your content makes a statement, creates impact and leaves editors with a real hunger for more. Your topic, your voice, research, and specific tips all are part of creating the perfect article.
  1. Spotlight bio… Include a short bio focusing more on what you have to offer to an editor’s readers than just who you are. Position your strategic links to promote your revenue models, but focus primarily on the value you offer to an editor’s viewers.
  1. Media Shout Outs… Present your media logos in your presentation to your editor. On your website, a few in your signature, let them see as soon as possible that major media love you. Ok, even local and regional media. ANY media approval is going to help move you to the next level.
  1. Branding Shield … This is where it all comes together. You must have a strong, clear, unique and effective branding message that translates and clearly set you apart as THE expert in your genre. Six seconds…. that’s all you have.
Annie Leedom is the Founder of and She is also the founder of, a website offering resources on raising caring kids. She lives in Northern California with her two daughters.
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