Preparing for Your Online Campaign

Authors often come to us focused on gaining the online exposure they know they need. Most are aware that being an ongoing expert or contributor for a highly respected website with strong traffic can boost their search engine rankings, overall credibility and position them in front of millions in a short period of time.

However, rarely do new clients realize the steps they need to take to position themselves properly to take advantage of the online exposure we create. If you are considering an online campaign, be prepared to evaluate and fine tune the following elements.

1. Define your demographic and be very clear about your message.  Your materials need to showcase the benefits of your work in a clear and unique manner. Its this specific and meaningful presentation that captures people attention and motivates them to seek out your services in more detail.

2. Present a clean website with a clear navigation and content schematic. Don’t make people work to find out what you offer, how it will help them and ultimately, how to purchase your products and services.  Reach people on an emotional level and show how you have the answers they need and the credibility they can trust.

3. Create a mobile website to highlight the most important and graphic elements of your work from a smart phone. More people access content now from their phones then they do online so be sure you have a mobile website to coincide with your traditional website.

4. Create compelling content and interface with additional content throughout your website. The more people are drawn into your content, the more they will seek out your products. Utilize the content you can provide to entice readers to want more.

5. Create a wish list of diverse websites who will all reach your demographic, albeit in various ways. Your target market may access parenting sites as well as health sites. Ideally going to several different genres will reach the most people in your demographic.

Working with all the elements to prepare for an online placement campaign is the most effective way to leverage the traffic and search engine rankings you will secure over time. Motivating your new site visitors to want more and more content will ultimately lead to customers. Create a specific strategy and enjoy the success and pride that an online expert platform will provide.

Anne Leedom is the owner of Net Connect Publicity. For more information contact her to discuss your online PR needs.

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