Securing Top SEO Rankings: The Three Things You Need to Know to Be Number One!

I hear the stories again and again….an expert comes to me and describes the thousands of dollars spent on securing top search engine rankings with sophisticated and intensive meta tags, keywords etc. Sadly nothing much changes, traffic doesn’t increase and they are still not highly visible in the search engines. Months later they are out a small fortune and have nothing in return.

So before you make your next move to secure top rankings through high priced programs to give you those coveted top sports…consider doing the following:

1. Have a working, quality website in place with content that changes often and a URL that relates to the keywords you want to be found under. The articles do not have to be exclusive, but they should be on fewer then 5-7 websites. It is crucial that you do have content placed prominently on the page. The content should be changed and archived on your site regularly.

2. Consider the titles of your articles very, very carefully. Experts often title their content only to showcase what the article is about. However, it really needs to be tied into what people will type into a search engine box. In addition, you don’t want to compete for the most popular word. For example, if you type in parenting, you might find my parenting website, It may not come up as number one, but it comes up fairly close. However, if you type in ‘teaching kids respect’ you will now find my site in the number one free spot. This phrase more accurately describes my site over the generic term ‘parenting’ and provides great traffic without having to pay to get to this rank. Titles are very powerful so think of stating them in terms of what people type in, rather than merely a descriptive phrase.

3. The power of prominent in-bound links cannot be understated. Placing your articles on a wide variety of miscellaneous sites will do little to nothing for your website traffic. It is when your content is placed on high traffic sites that are relative to your topic with links back to your site that Google takes notice. Mass syndication of your content can ruin your credibility if it is not done properly and destroy your chances of being promoted on the larger websites. You wouldn’t put your child on the corner in the morning with a sign saying, “need day care…return by 5:00 please”. So don’t do the same with your life’s work. Work with prominent and credible sites to promote your work….websites that will link back to you and offer accountability for your content’s copyright and credits.

These three strategies alone, when done properly over time can give your website the visibility and credibility necessary to increase traffic and ultimately, sales.

© Copyright 2010 Anne Leedom

Anne Leedom is the founder of Net Connect Publicity. Anne works with authors in the parenting, health and spirituality fields to develop their Expert Internet Publicity campaigns. Anne has created campaigns for such authors and experts as Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Dr. Michele Borba, Joan Borysenko, Armin Brott and Academy Award Nominee Diane Ladd. Working as a passionate advocate on behalf of her clients, Anne creates powerful results that have become a trademark of Net Connect Publicity. Anne is also the Founder and Publisher of For more information visit

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