Setting Your Online Priorities

Regardless of where you are in your process…..a new author or a sought-after expert and media resource, your goal should be the same. Create a visual and compelling presentation on your website and then bring traffic to your site to build your business. Many experts get lost in the myriad of options and therefore don’t create a clear methodology to achieve their goals. Here are the crucial steps you need to follow to build your business and create revenue from your website.

1. Decide on your business model before you do anything. What do you really want to focus on in your revenue models? There are many options…writing, Apps, video content, corporate spokesperson, speaking, and more. You are not limited to only one. However there needs to be a real strategy in place to motivate people to purchase your products and services. So clarify your direction first.

2. Build a website that is meant to accomplish one primary goal…create sign-ups to your list. Building a list of interested people who want more information from you is the number one way to actually start to create revenue.  People are not going to just typically come to your site and buy your products. However, they will sign up if they like what they see. Now you have a real potential customer.

3. Create a website that shows that you understand the customer’s need, rather than focusing on just who you are and what you offer. Visitors need to see your overall work and message, they need a brand they can connect with and they need to see themselves in your work. It must be very clear how you can help them. When a visitor sees themselves in your site and they believe you are credible, you have moved then into a position where they are likely to purchase from you.

4. As your list grows you now need to focus on offering steady content and special reports that help people connect more in-depth what you have to offer. Maintain an ongoing flow of ‘teaser content’, describing their issues, how you can help and some tips on what they can learn from you if they purchase your products.

5. Create links from your reports to additional content on your site. Statistically it takes 3-4 clicks to create a sale. The more you motivate them to click, the higher the probability of a purchase.

Ideally, keep your articles and reports very focused on specific issues. Address their difficulty or the potential of what you can help someone with and then provide specifics to show how you can help. People buy from people they can trust and who understand their needs. That is true in brick and mortar sales as well as online sales.

For more information and in-depth assistance on building and promoting revenue models, email us today.

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