Internet Plus Program: Increase Your Exposure To Traditional Media

Credibility as an Online Media Expert goes a long way toward helping you secure placements on national talk shows, both TV and radio, as well as increasing your speaking and corporate spokesperson opportunities. If you’ve secured prominent Online Expert Placements, consider moving to the next level. Leverage your current exposure, credibility … Continue reading

Authors and Experts…Do You Need an Internet Publicist?

As you prepare to launch your book, you have a decision to make. How much do you allocate in your budget to Traditional media, and how much should go to social and Internet Publicity? That’s a simple question to answer. Just ask yourself these crucial questions and you will have … Continue reading

Why Authors Need to Promote Online

Authors and experts have many options when it comes to choosing how to spend their time and budget to promote their work.  Radio, TV, print and of course, the Internet are all avenues that need to be explored.  Going online can be very confusing.  Blogs, ads, articles, creating and maintaining … Continue reading

Making Your Online Promotional Dollars Count

There was a time where effective publicity meant getting as much exposure as possible could in as many prominent media venues as possible. That has all changed now. The name of the game now is roots and credibility. It makes far more sense economically in today’s current climate to gain … Continue reading