Making Your Online Promotional Dollars Count

There was a time where effective publicity meant getting as much exposure as possible could in as many prominent media venues as possible. That has all changed now. The name of the game now is roots and credibility. It makes far more sense economically in today’s current climate to gain … Continue reading

Translating Your Media Campaign into Sales

I often hear authors express their ongoing frustration at having conducted  an expensive, prestigious publicity campaign where they secured some great media and yet their books are not flying off the shelves as they hoped. What is the magic ingredient that leads to record breaking sales and worldwide notoriety? Well, … Continue reading

Build It and They Will Come: Why Pre-Selling Your Brand Is Crucial To Success

There are three reasons  best-selling authors sell millions of books. 1. They have already created their brand 2. They have created exposure for their brand. 3. They have a national and possibly international platform for their brand they can leverage for the release of their new book. When Mr. Chopra … Continue reading