The Website Secret Successful Experts Know

There are a great number of factors that go into an effective website if you want to position yourself as a national expert.  Great content, media credibility, strong testimonials, tools and strategies and more all need to be created and presented in an interactive and easy to use format. However, there is one area many experts overlook when they first create their website.

Every expert has different goals. Some want to create passive revenue, some want to sell books, others are looking to attract major media and in some cases, speaking, coaching and corporate sponsorships are the sought after goal.  In every case the strategy for this often overlooked aspect is the same.  Your first priority is to clearly showcase yourself as an expert. That means being someone people will turn to to for advice, information, resources and someone people feel comfortable with.  Being an expert is defined by more than your background or knowledge and expertise.  Its about connecting to people…and people buy from people they trust.

When you review the various components of your home page there is no need to look past the first few inches.  The header is where the branding happens. There are only 3-4 components that need to be included but they are crucial and they need to be presented effectively.  Let’s look at these areas more closely:

1. Your name.  This is something that you want to display prominently and in a graphic font of some kind that sets it apart.  You want to send the message that your are proud of what you offer and welcome people onto your website.

2. Your tag line. The tag line is clearly one of the most critical and greatly overlooked aspects of a new website.  The common mistake many authors make is to TELL people what they offer, rather than address the NEED they fill.  If you are a nutrition expert for example, instead of a tag line that says, “today’s expert in kids nutrition’ say instead, “solving family eating battles one meal at a time.” Now I know what you can do for me and that is the concern your website needs to address.

3. Your photo. Many experts struggle with incorporating their photo onto the header.  Its feels a bit ‘in your face’ if you will pardon the pun. However, you are asking people to trust you and to rely on you. Regardless of how much credibility you have in your background, when it comes to the Internet its all about getting some idea as to who we are dealing with and a picture is often a critical way to make that impression.  So think about what you want to convey. Your photo can be “coffee casual” or “academically stoic.”  Its up to you.  You create the feeling you want to impart and that message is what will define you online.


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