Three Secrets to Creating Revenue With an App

So you’ve taken the time and made the investment to position yourself in iTunes. You’ve created an App that is attractive and includes an interactive element.

However, passing the WOW factor is only the beginning to creating an effective App. Keep these elements in mind when designing an App with potential to build a revenue stream.

1. Make sure to include share buttons or some capacity to share your blog or information. Help your App users spread the word that your App is fun and informative.

2. Imbed links throughout your content, not just at the end of your blogs and articles.

3. Include your own ads with experts or companies you network with daily. Offering an ad spot can be a great way to show that you offer opportunities to showcase relevant services and products and it can create an additional income stream outside of your own products and services.

Apps are a digital business card, a powerful networking tool and a strong way to build and maintain a loyal customer base.
Provide great content, interactive options and promote your App in various media. You can reach a new audience and bring new customers directly to your doorstep.

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