TV Tips – Creating Powerful Segments

When it comes to TV placements, there are specific things producers are looking for. The more you have these in place, the higher the chances are you will be accepted and pursued by today’s leading talk and news shows.

  1. Research, research, research. What location is to Real Estate, research is to TV producers. The more you can back up your strategies and overall work you put our in articles, press releases, etc. with leading research that shows why your strategies are needed and why and how they work, the more attention and support you will receive from producers.
  2. A media reel.  This is crucial to working with larger shows. So go and secure any and all local and regional TV you can get to build your reel and place it on YouTube and on your site. Make sure it is edited well and showcases you as a credible and appealing expert with timely strategies.
  3. Segments. Even if a producer liked you, they still need to know how to utilize you. Make their job easier by creating short, powerful segments that demonstrate that you have something truly important to say that no one else discussing about crucial topics on today’s news.
  4. Entertaining. Its TV. Producers want someone who is to the point, lively and engaging. Be upbeat, interesting and excited about your topic. this is where passion makes all the difference in the world.
  5. Press kit. Have a fully prepared press kit on your page. Know the components to a professional press kit and make sure it is downloadable from your website.

Stay tuned for more tips. TV can be within your grasp if you simply have what it takes and make sure you display that to producers.

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