Why Authors Need to Promote Online

Authors and experts have many options when it comes to choosing how to spend their time and budget to promote their work.  Radio, TV, print and of course, the Internet are all avenues that need to be explored.  Going online can be very confusing.  Blogs, ads, articles, creating and maintaining a website…there is just so much to consider!

Let me help clarify the benefits and downsides of these options. If you are fairly new to the scene and not well known, radio and TV will not typically create a great deal of impact and it can be very expensive. Here are four reasons to focus your resources online.

1. Credibility. Until you are well known it can be difficult to gain access to national media. Its also difficult to encourage people to purchase products from you.  Establishing yourself as a national expert with a platform reaching millions via select websites is a fast and affordable strategy to gain credibility.

2. Pathway to Sales. The Internet is the only media that creates a living and easily accessible record of who you are, including links to all aspects of your website. Once your content is live and searchable there is a permanent pathway for people to access your work without having to remember what they heard or saw through a radio or TV interview.

3. Branding. In an online environment you can be very specific about the message and concepts you want to communicate in your work. This allows you to distinguish yourself from others in your field and truly stand out.

4. Repeat Exposure.  The Internet is a far more affordable way to reach millions and to position yourself as an expert.  Therefore you can maintain an ongoing flow of content which is crucial to creating long term sales impact. People rarely purchase at first glance.  A strategic expert placement campaign builds trust between you and your audience over time, which is a key component in meeting your business goals.

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